Sirf Tum Written Update 9th April 2022 Episode Ansh Kidnaps Suhani

Sirf Tum Written Update 9th April 2022 Episode Ansh Kidnaps Suhani, #Sirf #Tum #Written #Update #9th #April #Episode #Ansh #Kidnaps #Suhani Welcome to 5 0 M I N D S BLOG, This is the most recent breaking news and trending broacast that we have for you today: :

In the latest episode of Sirf Tum, Mamta waits for Suhani. Here, Suhani sees Ansh sitting in front of her. She does not understand what is going on. Suhani tells Ansh that she needs to go to college. Ansh says that he knows it. He tells Suhani that he has kidnapped her to teach her a lesson. He adds that after that, he will drop her to college. Suhani tells Ansh that she needs to go now as Mamta is waiting for her. He asks her not to make noise and sit quietly.

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Ansh locks Suhani and leaves. On another hand, a man tells Ranveer that Suhani is missing. He gets worried about her. Ranveer thinks about where she could be. Here, Suhani looks around. She spots a window and opens it. She jumps from the window. In the next scene, the dean asks Ranveer to say something in his defense. Mamta keeps checking the time and waits for Suhani. She prays that Suhani reaches here on time. Here, Suhani is lying unconscious on the road.

The man tells Mamta that everyone is blaming Ranveer for Suhani’s disappearance. Ranveer admits to kidnapping Suhani. Here, Suhani gets up. Mamta calls Ansh and asks him about Suhani. He tells her that she left the home long ago. Ranveer on another side, tells the dean that he did not like when Suhani got married to Ansh and this is the reason why he kidnapped her. Meanwhile, Suhani comes. Ranveer gets shocked seeing her there.

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Ansh comes too and blames Ranveer for hurting Suhani. Suhani gets dizzy. Ranveer does the aid to Suhani in front of the committee members. Sirf Tum plays in the background. Suhani asks Ranveer to go back as she wants to talk to the committee. Ranveer tells her that her health is more important but Suhani says she will not leave until she talks to them.

Here, Ansh keeps blaming Ranveer and calls him aggressive. Suhani tells the members that Ansh is lying and Ranveer did not hurt her. Ansh says that being Suhani’s husband, he has objections with Ranveer. He says that he wants to file a complaint against him. Suhani tells the committee members that Ranveer saved Ansh’s life and proved himself as a good doctor so he deserves to study here. Keep following our site for more updates on Colors serial Sirf Tum and check the latest story.


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