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Singles Inferno Couples Still Together? Reddit Explained



Singles Inferno Couples Still Together? Reddit Explained: The watchers and fans of “Single Inferno” are keen to know which the couples of the show left together and where are they now? The brand new Netflix series was started on 18th December 2021 and is highly appreciated by onlookers. Judging by its fame, the reality dating show has been a successful and massive hit and watchers have loved following the journeys of Ji-A, So-Yeon, and co. Couples of episodes dropped each week from the 18th of December 2021 onwards, with the final two being released on Saturday, 8th of January 2022, It has been a long old journey for several of the singletons and some very tough decisions had to be made. So let’s find out more about which Single Inferno pairs are left together and what the contestants are up to now. Follow More Update On

Singles Inferno Couples Still Together  - Singles Inferno Couples Still Together Reddit Explained - Singles Inferno Couples Still Together? Reddit Explained


Singles Inferno Couples Still Together?

During the 8th episode of Singles Inferno, the contestants made their final decisions about who they wanted to leave the island with. The 2 new female contestants, Kim Su-Min (@sumesume)m and Seong Min Ji (@im_min.vely), and male contestants Cha Hyun Seung (@502bright), and Choi Si-Hun (@choi_hun2) were left sans partners by the end of the show.

Shin Ji-Yeon And Moon Se-Hoon

Shin Ji-Yeon and Moon Se-Hoon spent time together in paradise in the final episodes of the show and their connection was clearly indisputable. They left Inferno Island together in the 8th episode but there is no telling from the pages of their Instagram whether they are still an item.

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Discover Ji-Yeon on Instagram under the username @jiiiyeonie where she has around 48k followers.

Moon Se-Hoon who is the owner of the restaurant, is also on IG with having 206k followers and his user id is @moonofsh.


Kim Hyeon-Joong And Song Ji-A

Song Ji-A had several men approaching for her attention at the time of Singles Inferno. The social media star concluded up leaving the show with her “puppy” Kim Hyeon-Joong.

Looking at the IG pages of Singles Inferno contestants, several of the contestants are following each other, so it is not clear whether Hyeon-Joong and Ji-A are a pair now as they have not posted any relationship pictures on Instagram. Ji-A has around 2m followers on Instagram and can be discovered under the username @dear.zia. Kim Hyeon-Joong is also available on IG and the user ID is @_1126.1.

Kang So-Yeon And Oh Jin-Taek

Kang So-Yeon and Oh Jin-Taek had a complicated kind of love story at the time in Single Inferno, but thankfully, the couple left the show hand in hand. The tailor and the owner of the boxing gym made a good match in the end.