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Simple Steps to make your Facemask at Home



Facemask as proving to one of the best methods of protecting oneself and others from the deadly coronavirus.

This is quite obvious because facemask can help prevent the spread of the virus from an infected person to others by holding back droplets within the layers of the mask.

Facemask facemask - IMG 20200419 WA0033 1 - Simple Steps to make your Facemask at Home

A good facemask can also help protect a healthy person from contracting the virus through filtering of the infected air before a person inhales it.

However, due to the high demand for the facemask especially the N95 and surgical mask, there seems to be a scarcity for it.

You can actually make your own facemask following these simple steps. Here is her step-by-step guide to sewing medical face masks from fabric patterns at home.  

Facemask facemask - IMG 20200419 WA0031 - Simple Steps to make your Facemask at Home
Facemask facemask - IMG 20200419 WA0032 - Simple Steps to make your Facemask at Home

Items Needed

  1. Choice of cotton fabric
  2. Non-woven fabric
  3. A cut-rectangle paper pattern measuring 9×8 inches
  4. A pair of scissors
  5. Some pins
  6. A cobber wire from an electric cable measuring 2inces.
  7. Binding rope

Place cut-rectangle paper pattern on the fabric

  1. Use the paper pattern to cut 2 cotton fabric pieces
  2. Use the paper pattern to cut 2 interfacing pieces (MUST be nonwoven)
  3. Place cut fabric with front sides together.
  4. Place both layers of the interfacing together on top of the fabric (on the backside of the fabric)
  1. Sew top 9” seam (2.5-3 stitch length is best) with ¼” seam allowance
  2. Flip open with the front side of fabric up
  3. Press seam flat to one side
  4. Insert metal piece along the seam between the 2 pieces of fabric
  5. Stitch ½” rectangle that is indicated at top of the pattern (with wrong sides together) to secure the metal piece
  6. Flip back to right sides together, stitch bottom 9” seam
  7. Flip back to right side out and press the bottom seam
  8. Use the pattern to help mark pleats. Pleat the 3 pleats all in the same direction, put a pin to keep them in place
  9. Cut the binding tape at 36” per side
  10. Find the center point of the binding and the center point of the mask and pin the binding on the mask with the mask sandwiched between the binding
  11. Sew binding
  12. Repeat on the other side of the mask
  13. Press pleats
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Finally, you got yourself a facemask, pat yourself on the back, because you are making a difference!

Stop the virus, stay indoor, bend the curve.

You can watch the video here to see the steps.

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