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Shocking Viral video of Women hold the tail of lioness in the jungle, watch what happened next

A video has been shared on YouTube in which a girl is walking alone in the jungle holding the tail of a lion. This video is being told of a wildlife park in South Africa, in which a lady is walking alone in the jungle holding a lion’s tail in her hands, which is very shocking because lions can attack her at any time. In an interview given to a TV channel, this woman had said that she was very scared in starting but later she became comfortable.

This video going viral has been shared on the ‘truly’ channel on YouTube, which has got 1,50,165 views so far. NetGenes is giving different reactions after watching these videos. One viewer wrote in the comments section “My friend told me about a ‘walking with lions’ tour in South Africa he went on and apparently the guides maintain a “no violence” policy against the animals. If the lion suddenly decides you’re it’s dinner, the only thing the guide will do is use a small stick to move it away, which isn’t really effective. Before doing the tour you have to agree to some terms, including: the client acknowledges that the tour can result in loss of life and will not hold the company responsible for any injuries.

Walking With Lions’ – One Of The Most Dangerous Wildlife Tours In The World

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