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Shocking video Of Mushin boys running to attack one million boys



The one million boys attacked by Mushin boys, a footage capturing Mushin boys running to fight, wielding weapons

mushin - 20200420 224040 1 215x300 - Shocking video Of Mushin boys running to attack one million boys

Mushin is at rage. We are all aware of notorious gang called one million boys who have been terrorizing Nigeria neighbourhood following the total Lockdown prompted by Covid-19 pandemic. A law by the Federal government.

Here are Mushin boys getting unleashed on the street like a carnivore to deal with the  terrorist who were reported to be robbing at Ilupeju on Monday, 20, April.

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The furious Mushin boys are heading towards Ilupeju to combat the boys. It was reported that the boys were robbing at Ilupeju. The Mushin boys don’t wait for the enemies to invade their home in full force before they attack. This is what Coronavirus and failure of our Government in provision of palliatives has caused.


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The Lady behind the camera seems also to be caught in awe at the scenario of boys trooping along on the street like upset soldier ants whose habitation was set ablaze. The one million boys are enemies  of the Nigerian nation deadlier and more terrible than the covid-19 Pandemic itself.

Crimes are now committed in broad day light. A report came that some thieves visiting their victims’s house would say it was not their fault to steal the possessions but because the Government are not providing for them during this tough time. This I learnt when I thought I have heard it all. This is what happens if the Government of a country is not compassionate to his subjects, the leader caring less for the led.

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If anyone has suggestion on how we can curtail the crime perpetrated by these devils should please share their opinions in the comment section.





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