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Sergio Aguero Set To Travel To Barcelona, See Why He Has To Go



Sergio Aguero sergio aguero set to travel to barcelona, see why he has to go - sergi 300x300 - Sergio Aguero Set To Travel To Barcelona, See Why He Has To Go

Manchester City may have confirmed that Sergio Aguero will travel to Barcelona. You would recall that in the premier league match 5 nil thrashing of Burnley, the Argentine forward has to limp off with a knee injury towards the end of the first half. Now Aguero is set to be on the sidelines for quite a while.

However, according to his father, Leonel del Castillo, Aguero is expected to travel down to Barcelona this week, to further determine the extent of the injury, and undergo surgery to quickly correct the problem.

In his father’s words, while speaking to Radio La Red, “he was already hurting but remained in the game.”

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“He told me he thinks it is the menisci because if it were a more serious injury, his knee would ‘dance’,” he added.

Although it’s been confirmed that an MRI test would be done on him tomorrow, his father estimates that Sergio Aguero will be operated upon in Barcelona by either Thursday or Friday.

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