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See What An Old Man Told His Doctor While On Sick Bed

A dying man on the sick bed to his doctor

“Doctor, don’t worry, I know I am going to die, I didn’t want to come here but they brought me here. Please don’t worry about me, look at my hair, they are gone, I am old, I had learnt a lot from life, if you don’t mind, I will tell you a little before I die.

The old man said, when I was 4years, I used to think the world is about me, when I turned 14 I thought that I will be the greatest man that ever lived, when I was 21 I wanted to be the richest man. As I turned 35 I wanted to find love, life continues I react 40, I tried to be helpful to everyone, now that am here am alone, I thought the best way to be happy is to listen to others.

When I wanted to enter University, I want to study Zoology, but everyone said I should study Engineering, I listened to them but I couldn’t finish it, I dropped out of school, because that’s not my choice.

Also when I was 40 I got contract, my name was in the news, the next day all my friends and families were at my house with their problems, I spent almost all the money on them, i couldn’t finish the contract because they refused to pay back the money, I was jailed for 6 years, when I came out they were no where.

I realised my mistakes, the mistake I made through all this time is clear to me. Do you know what that mistake is , let me tell you my mistake, I refuse to listen to myself, I ignore my own self and listen to others, now that am here, the only person with me is myself.

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It is very good to seek advice from others, but it is dangerous not to pay attention to your heart.

When you get home this night sit down, take a glass of water, close your eyes if you want, talk to yourself, reason with yourself, you can walk down the road alone and as you walk begin to talk to yourself.

I know it may not make sense to you but always remember I told you “Learn to listen to yourself”.


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