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See The Video Oshogbo Yahoo Boys Made Some Hours To Their Death And The Lesson It Teaches Us All



See The Video Oshogbo Yahoo Boys Made Some Hours To Their Death And The Lesson It Teaches Us All.

It’s has been a severe warning from our fathers in the Yoruba cosmology that we should learn how to maintain whatever stage we find ourselves be it good or bad.
The incidence of the boys who lost their lives at Oshogbo yesterday is a great lesson to us all.

One thing we all focused on is the faults of the SARS who chased them to death, we all fail to understand that if their deeds were right, they wouldn’t run away from the SARS, the Bible says: ” The righteous will be as bold as a lion”. Hence, what transpired between them and the SARS is what most people did not know, but we must realize that the security must carry out their duty in one or the other, and another fact is that if they fail to make an arrest, we will be the one condemning them.

What importance is now the money they acquired through dubious means but unable to move freely in the populace even before the security operatives, as I am writing this article as a journalist I have every right to check the activities of the security operatives. They have the right to inspect me, and during the moment they resolved to check me I must release myself to them if I know am clean, only the unclean citizen will flee from them that is what happened yesterday?


Now you can see the video of the boys who died yesterday HERE before their death, what they were doing with all the money they acquired with dubious means, they won’t sit down and think of something that will be beneficial to humanity but only zest.

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What I learned from their journey is what the Bible teaches us in Psalm 39 verse 6, it says: “Surely everyone goes around like a mere phantom; in vain they rush about, heaping up wealth without knowing whose it will finally be”
Now all they have acquired who the person that will inherit it is?
So why can’t we walk in the right way where we will be bold enough to do whatever we desired free without hindrance even by the security operatives.


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