See Profiling Robots To Be Acquire by Nigeria to be Use In Airports

Profiling Robots
Profiling Robots have become the new normal in most sectors of the economy around the world. Especially since the outbreak of the coronavirus.

These robots across the world have been deployed to replace humans workers, especially in areas that may require direct human contacts. These profiling robots are currently been used in health sectors, public transport, restaurant, and schools.

Profiling Robots Profiling Robots

Nigeria is preparing to join the number of countries using these robots in its airports, she will become the first country in West Africa to acquire profiling Robots to process passengers at the Departure Hall of airports en mass.

These bots can be programmed to identify unwanted items, identify threats, screen passengers, and check the temperature. These bots are very interactive and have been found to be able to effectively and accurately lead or direct passengers.

According to reports these profiling robots will be adopted across international airports and along a major route in the country.

Japan (Tokyo), United Arab Emirates (Dubai) Germany (Frankfurt), are the first countries and cities across the world to deploy the profiling robots to be used as autonomous passenger assistant robots in airport operations.

Nigeria is set to be the first country to be West Africa to employ the services of these robots across every international Airport in the country.

Other countries such as China, Rwanda, Italy, France have deployed these bots it other areas such as health sectors, Schools, and restaurants.

Countries around the world are coming out with innovative ways to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus and these bots are one of such way

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