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See How People Are Being Killed Like A Beast In Nigeria

See How People Are Killed In Nigeria Like A FowlSee How People Are Being Killed Like A Beast In Nigeria - images 2 5 1 300x300 - See How People Are Being Killed Like A Beast In Nigeria See How People Are Being Killed Like A Beast In Nigeria - images 2 5 1 300x300 - See How People Are Being Killed Like A Beast In Nigeria

Adara development association has cried out on how its people are being traumatised by some unknown marauders, since about two weeks ago.
This is so disheartening to hear, that our people are just being killed like a beast in our land, killed in our own country, the people are seriously massacred without the intervention of the state government or Nigeria government itself.

Is this how we continue in a country, where there is governors and President,? up till now no arrest has been made as the marauders are so free to perpetuate their activities without any form of a hindrance, the case of mass killings is not only experienced in Kaduna alone.

Prior to this period, Zamfara was under the siege of the marauders the governor of the state left his house to meet with the bandits in the wilderness to negotiate with these evil men who are responsible for the griots in his land and after this, all the grim in Zamfara subsided.

When a state is experiencing such an awful attack the leader of such locality must strive to save his people from the external aggressions, just like what the governor of Zamfara did, at least he employed decisive measures which mitigate the turpitude experience of his people and his state is turbulence-free.

In the case of Kaduna, things are not so according to to the leader of the ADA he explained thus “From January to 22/5/2020, the killings, maiming, burning, looting and kidnappings have continued unabated from village to village. Within the period, there have been 63terrorist attack and kidnapping incidents, more than 107people killed, about 49persons injured, more than 66men/women/girls abducted for ransom, more than 111houses burnt, another whole 32villages destroyed and 20,000persons displaced (especially in the last two weeks).”

He further explained that there have been continuous attacks by unknown gunmen from Monday to Thursday in some villages resulting in the killing of 20 persons.

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“There have been daily attacks and destruction from Monday to Thursday in the remote settlements of Magunguna, Idaho, Ungwan Galadima, Ungwan Guza, Etissi, Ungwan Maaji, Ungwan Dantata, Ungwan Araha 1 & 2, Ungwan Goshi, Ungwan Shaban, Ungwan Jibo, Ungwan Maijamaa, Ungwan Sako, Ungwan Maidoki and Ungwan Masaba. These are all satellite settlements of Kallah, Libere and Gefe towns. As at this afternoon, 20 persons have been killed, several others were injured or missing,” he lamented.

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Just imagine this man explained how unknown marauders are coming into the communities on a daily basis for consecutive two weeks without the intervention of the Nigeria forces, come to think of it, Kaduna state housed the base of the Nigeria army camp and training ground, is such a kind of state worthy of their present heinous experience?

The state governor, the state authorities, Nigeria forces should rise up and deliver their people because we can not just sit and fold our arms while people are being killed done fowl, even what is ground now is so terrible that animals are not killed the way our people are being killed.

My only fear again is this what, if all these marauders are captured and set to face the wrath of the law and the president came out and said they are repentant bandits, hence they must be enlisted into the midst of our forces. I always think about this some people are destroying things and killing people, some volunteered to attack them and bring them to book at the end of everything they are just released without considering the gravity of the evil they have done why won’t they be encouraged to do more evil in such community?

My prayer is that God of heaven should help Nigerians out of these odds because we are tired of murders.


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