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See 4 Celebrity Kids Who Are Brand Ambassadors



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A deal to become a brand ambassador is something that many musicians, actresses, reality show stars, influencers, and Youtubers want to. A contract between a person of influence and a commercial brand is known as a brand ambassador deal. These transactions are frequently pricey, giving the person who signs the contract a substantial sum of money to take home. In exchange, the person must advocate and advertise the brand on social media in order to increase brand awareness and sales. It’s what a lot of people on Instagram, YouTube, TV, and other social media platforms wish for.

These 5 folks on today’s list, on the other hand, didn’t have to do much hoping. Because their parents had already created a strong basis for them, when they reached an appropriate age, brands approached them to sign brand ambassadorship agreements with them.

Here are five celebrity kids who also serve as brand ambassadors.

1.  I made Adeleke


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Imade Adeleke, the daughter of Nigerian singer Davido, announced last week that she had inked a partnership with luxury soap manufacturer EVA to promote their Eva baby soap line. Davido, a proud parent, posted on Instagram:

INSANE!!!!!!!! My child!!!! I am really proud of you!!! My kid has just been named the new Eva Baby Soap brand ambassador!!!



David Adeleke is number two.


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Think again if you believed Imade was the first Adeleke youngster to receive a brand ambassadorship arrangement. Before the baby was born in 2019, a deal was already in place with Mario & Juliet Infant Diapers, with the baby David Adedeji Adeleke named as a brand ambassador for the company.

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Mario and Juliet took use of the chance to reveal Mario’s status as a brand ambassador for the company when the baby came.

3. Maine, Lord

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Tenor Lawani, Toyin Lawani’s son

At the age of three, Toyin Lawani’s son Lord Maine became the youngest brand ambassador for online retailer Payporte in 2017. The proud mother shared her joy on Instagram, writing:


“Signed and sealed by Lord Maine @lordmaine2, youngest star child signed to @payporte, I can’t wait to show you his Payporte collection, oya, let’s go!”


Priscilla is number four.

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Iyabo Ojo and Priscilla, his daughter


Priscilla Ojo, the daughter of Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo, has inked a deal with VSKIT to be one of their brand ambassadors. Iyabo, the proud mother, shared the news on Instagram, writing:



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