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SAD TRUTH: Nigeria Cannot Handle Coronavirus



Nigeria cannot handle Coronavirus as is evident in their approach so far. Though in the face of the raging outbreak in Nigeria, the Federal Government has encouraged self isolation and quarantine life by placing a ban on public gatherings. This we all know, is in the bid to further curtail the spread of the deadly viral epidemic, Coronavirus otherwise known as COVID-19 but is it enough?

A toll-free emergency hotline has been issued by the FG through the Nigeria Centre For Disease Control NCDC for people to call in case we notice some symptoms, but several accounts have alleged that they do not respond to people who have no connections.

Now let’s ask ourselves, these help lines, how useful is it to common Nigerian man like you and I? I ask because of a post by a Twitter user, identified as @SamShobowale. He is friends with a seriously sick individual and he took to his page some hours ago to call out the NCDC.

He Wrote;

”This is the most annoying and most despicable thing I have had to deal with. One of my close friends just reached out to say one of our guys is sick. Apparently, he’s been sneezing, coughing, having sore throat, pain in chest and feeling feverish for like 3days now. He mentioned. He first noticed the symptoms 2weeks ago and went to the hospital. Was treated for malaria and he felt better for a couple of days but 3days ago, the symptoms came back and this time more serious.

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He’s been calling the COVID-19 hotlines but nothing forthcoming. Some of our guys too have tried calling to report his case but nothing still. I just got notified now, reached out to the guy – who has been home for 3days now and asked him some questions. I called the emergency lines myself, and the person that picked was even the one giving me my friend’s details.

So apparently they have his data but how they’ve not reached him since 3days is what is baffling. I mean, I thought we were serious about containing this thing?? I don’t know what else to do as it is. @NCDCgov @BankyW @jidesanwoolu @DoctorEmto @segalink @followlasg”

See Screenshots:


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Nigeria cannot handle Coronavirus- twitter evidence nigeria cannot handle coronavirus - 09BE4AB9 75A9 45EB A73D 5EF7C6E3897E 169x300 - SAD TRUTH: Nigeria Cannot Handle Coronavirus

Above is just one of many similar situations. See why we said Nigeria cannot handle Coronavirus. Or maybe they can, but they are not ready to be responsible.

While it is indeed scary to think that the publicity about our government being serious about tackling this deadly disease was just a ruse, we sincerely do hope that they really start taking us serious and for once put our safety as a nation above anything else.


Even if we are a third world country, El-Salvador is also one and see for yourself what they are doing for their people.

Nigeria cannot handle Coronavirus like El Salvador  nigeria cannot handle coronavirus - 8A187B07 F057 4983 B6C6 E00D113E2C44 300x193 - SAD TRUTH: Nigeria Cannot Handle Coronavirus

Nigerian authorities, for posterity sake, for the sake of your children’s children, please keep us safe and stop playing politics with people’s lives.


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