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Reason Why Men Cheat In A Relationship



No human is perfect! Men like women are being made by God born to feel pain, born to make mistakes, and born to make some decisions that are right or wrong ones.

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Intimacy being enjoyed by men and women

When it comes to the issue of a woman a lot of things comes into question. Men looks at different things before they can venture out to cheat on a woman. I have thus written this article as a result of personal experience and the experience of others since experience is the best teacher.

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Before a man can cheat it means that such a man could not find the necessary thing he seeks in a woman in the life of that particular woman he is dating or into.

For different men these needs varies, however these needs cannot be far fetched. Below are some of the reasons why a man cheat in a relationship

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Loving making

1. Sexual dissatisfaction

When a man is not pleased with the kind of sexual pleasures he gets from his woman he tends to become unhappy, irritated and unfulfilled. A woman who cannot please her husband sexually will end up loosing him to another woman either in the long wrong or in a short while.

A lady who refuses her husband or boyfriend sexual advances  will loose him as he might go outside to seek the pleasure he has been denied by His woman.

2. Bad character

Like a popular adage- “character is like a smoke, no matter how hidden it is kept it will on the long run become visible to the eyes of everyone”. In essence your true Character cannot be hidden.

Sometimes a lot of ladies may want to hide their true nature in order to make a guy love them but deep down characters cannot be hidden. A lady with a bad mouth, a nagging trait, an inability to the submissive, an arrogant nature among others will loose her man and her relationship to other women with a better character and human behavior.

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3. Inability to be trusted

If men constantly find it hard to trust a woman such woman might at the end of the day loose her man. I always emphasize the need for partners not to give their other partners the reason for them not to be trusted. Why? Once trust is broken it can never become what it once was.

A lady that constantly give a guy the chance to doubt her because of her too much relationship and unnecessary entanglement with other men may end up loosing her man

4. Incompatible Nature

Incompatible nature might be similar to that of character. men often at the end of the day leave women who they are not in many ways compatible with.

Men generally look for women who shares the same likes and dislikes with them. Although the dislikes might not really matter once it Is just few, but if there is a lot of differences in likes and dislikes, it may end up jeopardizing the relationship.

5. Natural

It is natural for men to cheat even without any fault in a lady. To some men they see nothing wrong in cheating and having numerous partners.

the lady being perfect in character, sexual engagement, amongst others wont still stop these set of men from cheating.

Here are some of the reasons why men cheat in a relationship.

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  1. Arcfunmi

    April 15, 2020 at 8:29 AM

    Educative. Learnt a lot.

  2. Anonymous

    April 15, 2020 at 8:46 AM

    instead of cheating thru should just break up and start with another person.

    • Arcfunmi

      April 15, 2020 at 9:36 AM

      Hmmm. That’s true sha

  3. Franklin

    April 19, 2020 at 5:35 PM

    Nigerian men will always cheat regardless.

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