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Read This If You Got Nothing On Valentine’s Day



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I know, with Valentine’s Day, we’re all done and some actually had a wonderful day as they were pampered and spoiled with lots of presents, special outings or serenades by their loved one. For others, it was just a nightmare! For this utter negligence of the person they love, they got neither a call nor even a gift from their boyfriend and their heart was broken into tiny small parts.

For a lot of women, the day after Valentine’s is usually an eye opener. A ton of things happen every year on the 15th of February. Some wake up excited and grateful that their boyfriend showed love to them the previous day, while some, it’s a day of reckoning because they just discovered that all this while their boyfriend was lying to them.



If you’re in a romantic relationship, expecting a Valentine’s Day gift from your significant other isn’t uncommon. In fact, one study found that about half of women would break up with their partners on that special day after not getting a call or a gift.

Ok, there’s no need for you to be too emotional about the situation. There are five things you should do related to him and your relationship:

1. You might try to contact him, but there is no point calling him afterwards if he doesn’t pick up. He wants to be with the other woman, which is crystal clear, so let it remain at that. The next thing you need to do is put on your big girl’s pants and delete his phone number. There’s no point where someone who doesn’t appreciate you sticks with you. Word.



2. There is no reason for not buying anything for your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, other than being absolutely broke. On Valentine’s Day, even secondary school boys get their little school girl crush cards, roses, and presents. Your “boyfriend” is either utterly oblivious or does not at all respect or love you. If, on Valentine’s Day, he can’t even give you a card, I doubt he would take you on dates, either. You’re never going to have to tell or force a man to love you. Without being told to, they should do this automatically. Don’t waste your time or settle for less, only so that your peers will feel justified for getting a “boyfriend.”

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3. If you’re dissatisfied with it, instead of breaking up with it properly, hint at it, and if he never buys you one and you’ve done everything you can to convince him, then maybe he’s not the man for you. He’s not stupid; if you made it clear that you didn’t like his actions and he didn’t seem to be remorseful, he may be trying to tell you something. Naturally, when a man loves a woman, he gives her away. Either he doesn’t care about you anymore and doesn’t think you’re worth buying a gift for or he doesn’t like giving presents (it’s like he’s stingy with money). This is the moment where you may have a re-think about being with him in a relationship.





4. Give him a Valentine’s gift instead of waiting for him to be the first. Let’s see if he’s going to take something from you, whether it’s something baked or something tasty, and don’t feel bad that he didn’t give you anything. When they get a gift that will be with an apology or make up for something special later, there’s always the instant jolt of a reaction the person gets. So don’t hesitate to give him anything deserving of a valentine. Let the hope of obtaining go. The moment you outdo yourself in giving him something for Valentine this time, you’ll receive it. Trust me, every time, it works. Make it thoughtful, well positioned, and deliberate. Without you saying a word, he will certainly get the picture.


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5. If your boyfriend has been very sweet and loving before, there may be a reason behind it. Listen to his arguments when you are relaxed and less angry and the relationship is important to you, and then consider forgetting the missing gift and continuing with the relationship. Know that in the future he might be “trainable”.


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