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R*pe: The root cause of the despicable act and the way out



R*pe: The root cause of the despicable act and the way out

The question of what lies at the root of the incessant r*pe in this country is a no-brainer, and it troubles not to get to the root of the problem. It’s saddened when almost everyone is not oblivious to the root cause of the immorality. And, yet, await government reforms as regards the issue — when truly the victims know better than anybody else.

The rapists may lack some basic orientations, and so the victims occasioned by the wrong exposure and the society that brings them up. But my eclectic approach to the issue of r*pe in this country has also unfolded the decaying society. The men of evil we mistakenly call the men of God, and the parents who have failed to exercise their primary responsibility.

No doubt, it will be wise to dip a hand into hot pepper and then dip the fingers into the failed parents’ eyes who celebrate their children, especially the females, smile at their indecent exposure at the start, but now wail when the indecent exposure they’ve neglected germinates; yield indecent assault that eventually gives birth to r*pe and death.


A girl who dresses decently and has no business or illicit love affair with these rapists will hardly fall into their traps. And it troubles not to know there must be something in between the rapists and the victims.

However, I doubt if anyone will say the r*pists are okay or deny the fact that a large percentage of this illicit act is the culmination of failed homes. No, I don’t think so.  I reckon if the rapists are diagnosed as to why they r*pe some girls who are yet to come of age, you won’t be surprised that many of them are suffering from a severe psychopath affliction, they dress like a normal person but they are not, even their speech is not normal. And that’s why the parents have a lot to do.

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And, well, this may sound bizarre but worth putting into consideration. These rapists may act like men when actually they are not ready to make these girls a woman, but rather, touch them and go. A girl who is properly trained should know that she shouldn’t receive when certainly she knows she won’t give something in return nor should she dress immorally advertising herself — because the disease lives in the eyes, and the moment it receives a signal, there may be a difficulty to resist.

As if our world is working against us as if the government has been rendered impotent, as if transition will never come. If not, the rapists will not revel raping around and be working hard to ensure they gain recognition like coronavirus pandemic amid the coronavirus pandemic itself.

The government does not have too much to do to combat the r*pe assault in this country if the parents and every individual in their various homes cannot manage it. And the government’s rule against this despicable act may continue to fail because the rapists themselves exhibit they have never for once fear the failed leaders, failed system and failed laws.


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