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Radiofrequency  ablation is a minimal invasion procedure in which specific radio frequencies are used to cure abnormalities  at microscopic level. This is done by producing heat with radio waves  to burn the dysfunctioning localized factor which could be a neuron, a tissue or else .

What radiofrequency ablation technique used for ?Its one of the pain controlling  techniques used dominantly nowadays  or can be a safe sound option to ablate ectopic  heart beat generator  in case of cardiac fibrillation   and  also tumour causing  tissues  in the body . Radiofrequency ablation  is also of great interest  incase  of  removing viscous veins .

Procedure for the therapy:

The RFA medical  procedure is carried by firstly giving an intravenous  medication  to the patient  to relax. Local anaesthetics are used to numb the part of the body to be treated . After that :

  • The doctor inserts a thin needle into the area to be treated  using an x-ray guidance to pinpoint  the exact  location
  • After that , a microelectrode is passed  through  the needle and radio waves are generated; the doctor  asks the patient  if he /she feels a tingling  sensation  so that the target  is assured 
  • A small radiofrequency current is passed  through the electrode to produce heat locally with which the dysfunctioning neuron or the targeted tissue  in case of tumour is burned 
  • While performing  the procedure  , it is made sure that the surrounding  structures  aren’t affected
  • Usually, the procedure  is completed  within an hour and the patient is  discharged. Depending  upon the severity  it might  take a bit longer

RFA treatment in case of ectopic heartbeat:

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radiofrequency ablation - images 6 2 - RADIOFREQUENCY ABLATION radiofrequency ablation - images 6 2 - RADIOFREQUENCY ABLATION
Radiofrequency ablation technique

 In case of RF ablation  to remove  ectopic  heart beat , the catheter  is inserted in the heart via femoral artery through  which the electrode  is passed  . The Barrat’s oesophagus  can also be treated  with this radiofrequency  technique. The dysfunctioning  tissue  in the oesophagus  is targeted  following  the same procedure  using  an endoscopic guide.

Is RFA treatment safe?

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 Being introduced  to such technologies , the first  and the major concern  of the people  is how safe the RFA surgery  would be ? . So here comes a good news about RF treatment that it  is not  like a typical  surgical  technique ; its totally  safe with a very minimal  recovery  time , as the patient is completely  stable . Minor numbness  is observed  in 2/10 people  which goes off with time.


The field  of medicine  being one of the  most progressing domains , is introducing the world with more advanced  methodologies , making the medical  procedures more effective and easier and the RF ablation is one of them .


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radiofrequency ablation - Onpage banner - RADIOFREQUENCY ABLATION
- Advertisement -radiofrequency ablation - STUDY Npage banner - RADIOFREQUENCY ABLATION

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