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Prince Harry depressed without friends and job in LA



Prince Harry depressed Prince Harry depressed without  friends and job in LA - images 23 300x200 - Prince Harry depressed without  friends and job in LA

According to a report on Prince Harry and his wife’s relocation to Los Angeles, it has been made known that he is feeling depressed without no friends around him and any job doing.

A source told Vanity Fair that the Duke of Sussex is feeling depressed after fleeing Canada with his sweet wife, Meghan Markle along with Archie, their one year old  son.

While Prince Harry was in UK, he had a lot of friends in the military whom they do play together and of course,he is missing them greatly right now.

After the Sussexes fled palace, they had been residing in a $18million mansion which belongs to a popular media mogul Perry Tyler.


Harry doesn’t have friends in Los Angeles and he has no job doing like his wife Meghan. So at the moment, Prince Harry is kinda depressed and one sure thing is, it won’t continue to be like this.

Prior now, Prince Harry stepped down as been a full time royal and legally agreed not to make use of the official military uniform given to him by the Queen. The decision he referred to as “a wound that will take time to heal.”

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The 35 year old Prince Harry is reportedly missing the company of his friends in the forces which is making him depressed.

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