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Port Harcourt Lady Was Left Amazed After Experience in Enugu




Port Harcourt Lady  port harcourt lady was left amazed after experience in enugu - CBCE59C2 0700 4AE8 AFC4 4CE01DDA5652 195x300 - Port Harcourt Lady Was Left Amazed After Experience in Enugu

Port Harcourt Lady Was Left Amazed After Experience in Enugu. Have you ever been sentimental about your place of residence? Or always thinking your place of birth is the best no matter what? A lot of us are actually, and so was I before I took a tour around the coal city of Enugu.

A few months after I moved to Enugu, I was like; this city is boring Sha.

It’s not like port Harcourt, with a lot of happening places, big men and sturves.


On Thursday, a Facebook friend took my sister and I on a tour around Enugu.

Fam, I was humbled. A whole Port Harcourt lady like me.

We left my place around 4pm and we were out till around 9pm.

You see ehn, forget, there are big men in Enugu.

The only difference is that they don’t make noise.


They are like cars that puur, portharcourt big men are like motor.

He took us to the famous independence layout, Zik avenue, Okpara square, New Heaven, Gariki, Agbani, Zoo estate, Fam, I can’t even name all.

We ate roasted corn and pear and sang along to an album of boys2men.

He showed us Ike Ekwerenmadu’s house, Orange drugs house, Dora Akunyili’s Hotel, even the area Pete Edochie lived and so on.

He showed us the famous CKC parish where Father Mbaka started his Adoration ministry.


My sis and I kept Wowing, Ooing and Ahhing, like school children on an excursion trip to the zoo.

I used to think Port Harcourt has hotels, na lie.

Enugu has more hotels

Enugu has more state of the art, imposing houses.

There are some estates you will go to, it’s like the house owners are in a competition to outdo each other with stunning, magnificent and breathtaking houses.

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Again, I repeat, I was humbled and still remain so.

The houses in Independence layout alone, is more than the houses in All of Port Harcourt GRA, Old, New, phase 1, phase 2 etc.


He even showed us a house that is a replica of the United States white house.

It was a gigantic, jaw dropping building. It stood so tall and proud!


It seemed like it has been abandoned for a while.

That wasn’t the only abandoned house o, there were other big, imposing houses and hotel buildings which were also left in ruins.

Truly, filled drums makes no noise.

At the zoo estate, I said to him and my sis, One day, I’m going to walk up to a beautiful house, I will knock on their gate and tell them that I want to just look around the house.

They laughed.


They won’t even let you in. He said.

Then I will go to the next beautiful house and repeat the same question, till one house owner will oblige me.

They laughed again.

Around past 7, he took us to a very nice hotel in the heart of independence layout and we had dinner in their restaurant.

Their food was really delicious.


He brought us back home and even dashed us money.


It was a fun filled day.

Dear Facebook friend, Thank you.



My sis has not stop talking about the outing.


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