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Police break up peaceful protest in Mandalay, Myanmar



auto draft - EuQyuuXVcAMHkG0 300x201 - Police break up peaceful protest in Mandalay, Myanmar

Firing projectiles from sling shots, wielding batons and aiming firearms, Myanmar police and soldiers broke up a peaceful anti-coup protest outside a state bank in the Mandalay on Monday.

The demonstration had been going on for an hour or more, with police guarding the bank building remaining calm, when more than ten truckloads of security personnel then arrived, according to a witness.

Those inside the vehicles immediately began firing from sling shots before chasing away the protestors with batons.

Video shot at the scene showed one soldier carrying what appeared to be a firearm with a telescopic sight while another man was also seen with a similar weapon.


It isn’t clear yet what the firearms were or whether they were fired.

At least two people were arrested at the scene.

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