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Passaic Chemical Plant Fire Video Firefighters Battle Large Blaze at Passaic



On Saturday morning, January 15, 2022, a fire with smoke and flames spread at a chemical plant located in Passaic, N.J. As soon as the incident was reported, firefighters reached the scene and were seen battling the huge blaze. As per reports, the fire had erupted a night before, i.e; on Friday and took multiple buildings into it. As it was a large blaze, Hector Lora, Passaic Mayor, took to Facebook and posted a video where he urged the general public to keep their windows and doors closed and requested them to stay away from the area.

Passaic Chemical Plant Fire  - Passaic Chemical Plant Fire Video Firefighters Battle Large Blaze at - Passaic Chemical Plant Fire Video Firefighters Battle Large Blaze at Passaic

Talking about the horrific incident, Hector Lora further said that the firefighters are assessing the situation and trying to put off the blaze. Besides, he also informed the people about no one getting injured in the incident. Patrick Trentacost, Passaic Fire Chief, also released a statement where he said that when the fire broke out, there was no one inside the building and that it was completely vacant. The fire chief further said that they Discovered a small amount of Chlorine from the building and that everything seems to be under control at this time.


Passaic Chemical Plant Fire

Patrick Trentacost added that they have monitored the entire situation throughout the night and that they were quite far from controlling the fire from getting spread. Taking the situation into consideration, Emergency Management of the New York City sent a notification on Jan 14 where they alerted the general public about seeing smelling or seeing smoke from the fire and asked them to take precautions.

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However, neither the fire management nor any official has released any statement about the cause of the fire breaking out in the area. So, it is unknown what resulted in the large blaze that shocked everyone. The horrific far broke out near the Qualco Inc. Plant which happens to be about 13 miles, 21 kilometres, west of Manhattan. Chemicals are produced by these plants which are further used in treating spas and pools.


According to Lora, the plant is located next to a designer and manufacturer of hospitality and gaming furniture, Majestic Industries. Lora also stated that the Department of Environmental Protection also arrived on the scene to assess air quality. Phil Murphy, New Jersey Gov, also took to Twitter to express sadness on the incident and tweeted about the fire. Murphy asked people to make sure their windows are closed and urged everyone to stay safe and prayed for the safety of the firefighters and responders at the scene.

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