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Pakistan Set To Commence International Flight In Few Hours



The Pakistani government has announced its intention to commence international flight.

Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan made this known via his tweet on his verified twitter handle.

He noted that the international flights will commence in Pakistan unfailingly the next day as airspace will be partially open for international flight.

According to the prime minister, this is being done in order to help the oversea workers who have suffered so much during the pandemic and despite that have shown enough courage and made the country proud. He wrote
“Tomorrow we will partially open airspace for intl flights.This is being done specially to help our Overseas workers who have suffered most in this pandemic but have shown great courage & made us proud. We welcome you back home & our govt will facilitate you in every way.”


The prime minster then use the medium to also appreciate the philanthropic role played by the Pakistani community abroad in helping other Pakistani brothers and sisters living abroad.

Pakistan to commence international flight  pakistan set to commence international flight in few hours - IMG 20200619 192828 300x200 - Pakistan Set To Commence International Flight In Few Hours

Pakistan to commence international flight

The prime minister called the Pakistani community a good source of inspiration for helping those in need. He wrote yet again
“I appreciate the philanthropic role played by the Overseas Pakistani community in helping their brothers & sisters abroad during Covid19. There are many examples where the Pakistani community has been a source of inspiration, helping those around in need.”

It will be duly recalled that the outbreak of the coronavirus around the world necessitated the closure of countries boarders as every country looks to contain it within its own boarder.

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Pakistan is no different as it put an hold to international travels and placed a temporary ban on movement into and outside of Pakistan.

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