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Orisabunmi’s Death: This Is The Only Thing That Baffles Me About Her Story




Orisabunmi’s Death: This Is The Only Thing That Baffles Me About Her Story- download 1 - Orisabunmi’s Death: This Is The Only Thing That Baffles Me About Her Story

The entire Nollywood mourned the departure of Folake Aremu a.k.a Orisabunmi; a Nigeria thespian in the movie industry yesterday.
To many Nigerian artists, her death was a great shock and a great loss to the industry and Nigerians as a whole.
She was notable for a static role which she chooses right from the beginning of her journey in the movie industry and it was rear for one to see her acting another role that is different from ” Yeye Osun” i.e Osun Priestess which is a role that represents the people who serve the god of the river; a traditional religion in the Yoruba land.
According to the Osun people, their main purpose is to help the oppressed spiritually and make the barren women fertile to bear children, that was what Orisabunmi represented in the movie industry before her death.
But what baffled me about her story is that Orisabunmi lived a contrary life to what she represented in the Nigerian movie, what I’m saying is that despite her representation of the Osun people which soothes her belief and role in the movie, Orisabunmi was barren till death.
This implies that she had no child of her own.
Some people would say, she had one child when she was just a teenager; they would say it just to cover the shame, but the truth is she had no child.
Immediately after she died, some bloggers started posting some pictures of some young Nigerians as her children, those claims are fallacious, if one wants to get the fact from that, one should check the names of the people that were posted, one would detect that those names are different.
She only commented on the pictures of her loved ones who were loyal to her on social media.
I’ve pondered several times on her condition, as it sounds so pathetic to me, just because of the love I had for her.
I purposely decided to let Nigerians know this as part of what they don’t know about her. Before I put this article in writing, I consulted a gigantic Nigerian actor who is a film director and producer whose name is Tope Egbeji (The producer of Aginju Iberu ) a.k.a Point one, to ascertain my claim.- images - Orisabunmi’s Death: This Is The Only Thing That Baffles Me About Her Story
Point one also made it clear that everything is a truism because point one knew Orisabunmi when he was just a lad, then Orisabunmi and point one’s father ( Egbeji Ologunka) were contemporary, and they both co-acted in the evergreen “Arelu” ” Yanpon Yanrin” and many other TV series that was in vogue in the late ’80s.
In conclusion, I knew her death will remain a great loss in the heart of her loved ones forever, but I will only end this piece with this prayer: ” May her soul rest in perfect peace”.

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