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OPINION: Why Frenkie de Jong going to Chelsea may be a mistake



OPINION: Why Frenkie de Jong going to Chelsea may be a mistake, #OPINION #Frenkie #Jong #Chelsea #mistake Welcome to 50MIND S BLOG, This is the most recent breaking news and trending broadcast that we have for you today: :

Chelsea are reportedly trying to hijack the Frenkie de Jong deal from Manchester United and one can understand why De Jong may prefer that move to the proposed switch to join Erik ten Hag in Manchester United. The big question though is whether joining Chelsea will be a good move for De Jong.

Chelsea is a great time coached by a very talented young man but a lot has changed since Abramovich was forced out of the club. There is a lot of uncertainty hanging over the club and they may as well prepare to face the same frustrations Manchester United faces with the Glazer brothers till date. The success of Chelsea in the last ten years or more has a lot to do with the Russian Billionaire and with him gone, it seems like everything is up in the air.

With Erik ten Hag Frenkie de Jong is sure of a regular shirt but the same cannot be guaranteed in Chelsea. Romelu Lukaku experienced that last season and it is not impossible that it happens to Frenkie unless he settles down quickly.

Furthermore, there is nothing to suggest that Chelsea can guarantee him of qualifying for the Champions League every season. It is possible that Chelsea fails to qualify for next season then what? Will he force himself out of the club if that happens? Will he want to come to a club that desperately wants him or one that went for him merely as a second option.

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An idiom says it’s better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know. Frenkie de Jong can truly say he knows Erik ten Hag but does he know what to expect under Thomas Tuchel? How sure is he that he can fit into the new coach’s plan? The good thing about Manchester United is that a few Ajax players are already there so it will be more of a big reunion if Frenkie joins them.


The fact remains that the final decision lies with the player. Barcelona needs to sell to be able to register new players. Manchester United and Chelsea are willing to pay but where should Frenkie go if his preferred choice of staying in Camp Nou cannot be honoured. Manchester United seem to be a smarter choice but it is the player’s prerogative.

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