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Opinion: Tinubu Is Way On Another Level By Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah



Opinion: Tinubu Is Way On Another Level By Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah

Listening to music usually gets me inspired especially our indigenous rap artist, beyond the junk or filthy words they frequently use, their music makes a whole lot of sense when it comes to inspiration.

Olamide of the YBNL fame has always been an idol to me, maybe because of his focus on his works and his precision to details while staying HUMBLE.

“Another Level “is a track on Olamide’s latest album Carpe Diem, the track talks about keeping his eyes on the target even when enemies and detractors are struggling to bring him down because of his strings of successes.

“Enemies steady blocking my way, but me I’m steady making more pay, I dey another level.

Me I no dey find their validation, but they are steady seeking attention.”

Nice jam by one of Nigerian’s finest, Olamide Baddoo, the track talks about staying glued to the target, and in the course of the journey, there must by commendations and of course condemnations as well.
Tinubu is way on another level and his enemies have mounted roadblocks everywhere all in an attempt to tame the Lion Of Bourdillion.

But you know what? Tinubu needs no validation from them, Tinubu has paid his dues naturally, and the law of KARMA must serve its course. KARMA states that whatever thoughts or energy we put out, we get back—good or bad. “It’s like sowing and reaping” Whatever you sow you must reap.

Tinubu not only sowed our democracy, but he also planted it and nurtured it to maturity even when the storms were threatening to bring down the tree, Tinubu was there to make sure democracy thrived.

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When these detractors that are unfortunate to be masquerading in the political scene were busy trying to enslave their States(most of them served as ex-Governors) Tinubu was building a regional government that had a rich grassroots network.

When you hear the detractors saying Tinubu would be a disgrace in APC I just seat back and laugh out loud.

There is an African adage that says the Tree of Patience Has Bitter ROOTS But Its Fruits Are Sweet.

APC was built out of patience, this same tree that Tinubu planted and watered has bitter roots that endured pains. Life without patience is meaningless. The pains that are associated with patience births maturity.

The most important part of a tree is its roots, no matter how sweet the fruits are only the roots can determine the growth of the fruits.

In times of floods and storms, the fruits are useless, the tree is what counts.

Tinubu has served DEMOCRACY, he has paid his dues and justice only demands that Tinubu must be paid in his own coins.

So today everyone wants to taste the sweet fruits forgetting a price was paid for the SWEET product that all can see.

Tinubu should be separated from the boys beating the drums of war. Tinubu is way on another level.

Tinubu has been in the kitchen all this while and needs no validation from these attention seekers.

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah writes in from Abuja

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