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Opinion: The damages from sexual abuse



Opinion: The damages from sexual abuse - stop 1131143 1280 300x245 - Opinion: The damages from sexual abuse

Most of the world’s mentally affected people are those who faced abuse in one form or the other. Some of these victims find it difficult to share their sad experiences with anyone because they see everyone as a threat to their survival. They may try in many ways to get over the trauma, but it has damaged their sense of happiness and trust.

Often, these victims find it hard to mingle with other humans because they always feel insecure. Some of them were abused by the people they trust (close relatives) which causes deep cut in their heart.

Some children go through mental torture because of frequent abuse and no one pays close attention towards their cold feelings. Most parents get engaged with work all the time without checking up on their kids to know when they are going through pain. Since they don’t pay attention to these kids, they keep it inside of them and face hell for a long period of time, maybe throughout a lifetime.

Spending time with victims of abuse will make you realize that humans vary not just in colour differentiation but also in psychological differentiation. This psychological effect contributes largely to the way they live their lives.


Some can’t fall in love because the damage caused by this evil act has switched off their feelings; the only thing they feel is anger, pain and hatred. Some have become addicts to sex, drug or alcohol. They gradually lose their humanity and turn into beasts. They might be seen as aliens by people around them because of the funny attitudes they put up.

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Victims are advised to loosen up and let others in, by first; going for counselling to any therapist they can open up to. One on one conversations with a therapist will help them realize what they’ve been missing ever since they became a prisoner to their situation.

Outdoor functions like sports can help: watching comedy movies and reading books can help them forget the past and channel their focus to the present.

Praying to God for the courage to withstand and defeat fears and forgive themselves. It is only when they forgive and make peace with their inner selves will they be able to accomplish all other steps to getting away from the damages caused by abuse.

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