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Opinion: I Stand With APC Senators, See Why Electronic Transmission Of Results Can’t Work In Nigeria



The new electoral act bill in the National Assembly has generated a lot of controversy between the ruling party and the opposition party.

Members of the Senate under the platform of the People’s Democratic Party supported the inclusion of electronic transmission of election results in the electoral act. This means that the results from each polling center will be transmitted electronically immediately after the counting of votes at the polling center.

A majority of the senators under the umbrella of the All Progressive Congress kicked against the motion, saying electronic transmission of results is not feasible in Nigeria.

In my opinion, the electronic transmission of election results can’t work in Nigeria at this time for the following reasons:


1. Poor internet connection and electricity problems. The Internet connection in rural areas is unreliable. Electronic voting is nearly impossible in rural areas.

2. Cyber security: Before we can adopt electronic voting in Nigeria, we must be sure that the system is very safe and can’t be hacked. Corrupt politicians might collaborate with hackers to hack the Independent National Electoral Commission website on the day of the election in their favour. It is better for us to continue with the manual system than to adopt electronic transmission and create more problems for ourselves.

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