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Open Letter To Miyetti Allah From An Angry Fulani Man Living Among The Igbos In Nnewi



Open Letter To Miyetti Allah From An Angry Fulani Man Living Among The Igbos In Nnewi.


Dear Miyetti Allah, I’m boiling inside as I’m writing this letter to you. I’m not happy with you guys.

Your activities have created multiple enemies for the Fulani across the country. I cannot work freely in my community anymore.

The Fulani tribe I know are peace-loving people, they are considerate and democratic. They do not engage in illegal activities, what has changed about us?

We must understand that we are not the only tribe in Nigeria, we shouldn’t inconvenience our host communities because we want to feed our Cattles.



I condemned the recent attack on Fulani settlement in Oyo State after Sunday Igboho gave them seven days ultimatum, I also condemned the eviction notice given by Governor Rotimi Akeredolu in Ondo State. We are Nigerians, we have the right to live anywhere in the country without any fear.


As a Fulani man living among Igbo in Nnewi, I’m currently living in perpetual fear because of the situation of the country. I have been living in the East for the past 15 years, I married an Igbo woman and we have three kids. The Igbos have been good to me until recent times.

My dear Fulani brothers, please let us embrace modernization, let’s stop open grazing and build ranches for our Cattles. Without this, we will continue to have issues with our host communities.



I also use this opportunity to appeal to my Igbo and Yoruba brothers and sisters, especially Sunday Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu, please let me embrace peace. Stop profiling the Fulani people because of the crimes of a few among them. Not all Fulani people are bad. Let’s work together and go after the criminals. Civil war is the last thing needed in the country right now. Remember that there are Igbos and Yorubas who are married to Fulani in the North.

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Sunday Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu, please surrender to the Government, drop Biafra and Oduduwa agitation, let’s continue to live as one Nigeria.


Your sincere brother,


Abdullah Danladi

An angry Fulani man who married an Igbo woman in Nnewi.

What’s your opinion on this letter? Do you agree that not all Fulani are criminals?

Drop your comments below.

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