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Open Letter to Bishop Oyedepo by South African Pastor



South African Based Pastor Charles Awuzie writes an open to Bishop Oyedepo his mentor and spiritual father

Oyedepo Open Letter to Bishop Oyedepo by South African Pastor - FB IMG 15892800475726915 300x300 - Open Letter to Bishop Oyedepo by South African Pastor

Dear Bishop Oyedepo, Good afternoon daddy and how is everyone in your household?  Sir, countless times, you cursed Boko Haram’s leader, 12 years later, Boko Haram is still active and their leader is even healthier than most tithe payers.

In the first edition of this open letter, I was inspired to write directly to you after we saw a post saying that you cursed the Fulani Herdsmen declaring death upon them.

Sir that’s commendable. At least, you didn’t keep quite like the rest of the papas. Your boldness is commendable sir. . This morning, we woke up to another video of you cursing anyone in government against the opening of churches. Papa, why are you always full of CURSES? God is full of love but you are full of anger and curses. Well, daddy, that curse will not work.

It is not in the character of our Father in heaven to kill even the worst criminals. Paul, who was formerly Saul, was a leader of a Jewish ‘Fulani herdsmen’ movement… He killed several believers and even supervised the stoning of Brother Steven… But see what God did with his life…. God used him to reveal the Finished Work of Christ beyond his generation. That’s our prayer for every killer. That the hand of God shall arrest them and convert them to messengers of love and not death.


Thanks to Steven for not cursing Saul. God does not desire the death of any sinner. Ezekiel 18:32, 33:11. Daddy, this is the absolute truth. . Besides this, there’s no truth. God does not Take pleasure in killing killers else all the members of winners chapel who are guilty of abortion would have been killed and cursed by God. Killing is killing sir.

Blood is blood. Yet Grace is available for every sinner. . Your curses on the government for locking down churches is also an act of ignorance on your side because the Bible in your hands says that the church should submit to the government. You lack the authority to curse the government sir.

Don’t teach your children to curse governments. Teach them to bless the government. A cursed government will produce a cursed country… So be careful how you curse the government because you may also be cursing yourself. And about why your former curses on Boko Haram didn’t work, Daddy, let’s see the first man whom God Himself cursed – Cain. Daddy Oyedepo, Cain killed his own brother oh. God cursed him. Daddy, a man who was cursed by God ended up building a city and leaving a city wide legacy for his son Enoch. Daddy, this is recorded in Genesis 4:17. .. Daddy, your followers believe that once you have cursed anyone, their end has come. Your followers are more afraid of your curse than they are aware of the Father’s Love. Daddy, you are not God oh. Even God himself cursed but His curse came with protection over the man He cursed. The Bible said that after God cursed Cain, He lovingly placed a mark of protection over Him so that no man will hurt Him. Daddy Bishop, can’t you see that God is helplessly in love with all men. He wouldn’t even hurt the worst of us. Chai. Daddy, of a truth, God is Love. Please sir, for once leave this cursing thing and preach the Father’s Love to your multitude. . Papa, as an ex WOFBI student, I cannot deny that your ministry has touched me and I also hope that this humble message will also touch you, because it is the will of Jesus that we learn from one another – despite age nor class. . By the way my lord bishop, I want to take this opportunity to tell you what you may do at a time like this instead of cursing humans who only need the gospel of Jesus. Daddy, you are politically connected and economically empowered… Sir, please pick up your phone and call Pa E.A Adeboye, our overall daddy and ask him to call Pastor Osibanjo to discuss why the leaders of Miyeti Allah cattle readers association haven’t been arrested after they allegedly claimed responsibility for the massacre. Just put pressure on daddy G. O and even threaten to withdraw your massive tithes if they fail to arrest the people you are cursing. My lord bishop, you have the power to pull the strings. There are powerful politicians who submit under your ministry sir. Please call them and instruct them to use their offices to put a stop to this Fulani herdsmen menace. Daddy, a few phone calls from you and Daddy GO can solve 40% Nigeria’s problems. Men in your level should not act helpless and curse… You are a powerful brand sir. Act sir, don’t just curse. 

Instead of cursing the government for locking down your denominational organizations and stopping the flow of offerings and tithes, why not curse the pandemic which is actually responsible for locking you down? Why not decree that the scientists will solve the pandemic puzzle ASAP so the world will open again? . I want to close this open letter by urging Christian leaders in Nigeria to stop responding to massacres and pandemics with unnecessary curses and empty declarations of evil upon the perpetrators or governments. Didn’t the Bible ask us not to repay evil with evil? Didn’t Jesus say that the difference between us and them is the love we spread? Are we not blurring the lines between true Christianity and ancient Judaism when we angrily respond to national insecurity with curses? . Who are we to curse whom Christ died for? Didn’t Christ die for even the killers? Am I supporting the killers? I am a victim myself and my story has been told on this platform. Yet I choose to be a true believer in Christ even at a time like this. I choose to use other avenues to contribute to solving this national wahala. I will use my skills and my platforms. I will use my connections and my data. But I won’t use curses. I wont use evil to pay back evil. We are people of love, not sons of thunder and idolators I love you my bishop. You are a blessing, not ‘cursing’ . ~ Pastor Charles Awuzie

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