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One Ultimate Way To Enjoy Love



Every love & romantic relationship carries an element of risk.

But what should happen is, as the relationship progresses, the risk should keep reducing.

When you meet someone newly, do not be deceived that they were not flirting with others or people are not on their case. What you guys have to do is have an understanding that gradually, you will shed the weight.

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Some guys want their babes to immediately cut off from every guy the moment they accept them. What if she tells you to give her a month to cut off from her toasters before accepting you, will you accept?


While I am not encouraging anything bad, I am saying, quit frowning at those calls that still come in at the beginning of the relationship. What you should observe is if the calls keep reducing or increasing. I would be worried if after a month or two of dating, the calls from toasters don’t reduce. Same thing with the man. With time, you need to stop going out to look for network when a call comes in.

Having said all these, we must realize that loving another human is a risk. Humans are flawed. I have seen women choose abusers over gentlemen & I have seen men choose Jezebels over Marys.

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God loved us while we were yet sinners not being sure if we will change. No wonder he said perfect love casts out fear. Your parents send you to school even when they are not sure you will be illegally married in school & single at home.

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There is a possibility that all your effort will be in vain. There is a possibility that you will be cheated on, betrayed, used & abused. What you have to do is to take your time & know what you want and then when you find someone, have a mindset that even if they might hurt you in future, yet, you will love them as if there is no possibility of heartbreak. This is the only way to enjoy love.

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