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ObamaGate: An Undeserving Choice Of Word From Donald Trump



Obamagate, one of the latest trendy harsh tag used by The United states President Donald Trump is one that seeks to justify the claims of the various acquisitions pointed in the direction of the former President Barack Obama.

What does ‘Obamagate’ means?

Well Obamagate as frequently used by Donald Trump simply points at some old allegation leveled against the former president. According to these allegations, the first of which was that the former president allegedly wiretapped Trump at Trump’s Tower during the 2016 presidential election campaign.

Another of the Obamagate allegations is that the FBI allegedly planted an informant inside his campaign. This revelation was made by Trump in 2018, of course he called the allegation “spygate”.

The third of the Obamagate allegations made by Trump and his allies is that the former president Barack Obama directed the investigation of Former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn despite the fact that the FBI had no legitimate reason to probe the retired general.ObamaGate: An Undeserving Choice Of Word From Donald Trump - IMG 20200517 203925 1 300x169 - ObamaGate: An Undeserving Choice Of Word From Donald Trump

The Obamagate allegations was resurrected recently when the Justice Department moved to drop its criminal case against Michael Flynn stating that the FBI was not justified for investigating him over the 2016 conversations with Russia’s former ambassador to Washington.


It would be recalled that Flynn was investigated twice in 2016 and 2017, first as part of the FBI’s probe into ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, and later over a series of conversations he had with Russia’s then-ambassador to Washington, Sergey Kislyak, in which he counseled the Russians to refrain from retaliation against Obama administration sanctions, hinting that Trump would soften them once in office.

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Looking away from these various allegations which trump couldn’t give an intelligible answers to when asked what the crimes were, it is not surprising to note that among these controversies, one name stands out apart from that of Barack Obama which is the name of Joe Biden the major opponent to Donald trump becoming the American president come November.

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Although there is no clear cut evidence as to Joe Biden Involvement in the case relating to Flynn Dismissal yet he has been several linked to the various sagas going on in relation to the Obamagate allegations.

However one may begin to ask if these claims from Donald Trump are relevant in the face of health and economic crisis being faced by the American society as coronavirus continue to claim the lives of innocent Americans on a daily basis.


What Donald Trump needs to focus on?

Currently as we speak, America has a total of 1,509,341 confirmed cases of cornavirus with a staggering death of 90,134 (21%), and recovery cases of 339,232(79%). While the bailout funds must have proved effective to some extent, a lot of still being hoped for as chaos and disparity threatens America healthcare system.

For someone that has done much in helping America and serving in his truest capacity, it is rather unbefitting that President Trump will choose to make alleged claims about the former president.

While various disputes have ensured in the trump adminstration, Barack Obama have in his own stead seek peace with all parties among which Iran was included.

Donald trump should and can possibly offer Americans more in the fight against coronavirus rather than engaging in unnecessary justification of what could possibly soil the name of the former president.

Americans deserves better and Donald Trump needs to step up on his claims and work more while talking less.


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