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Nkechi Blessing Blast Those Calling her Prostitute



Nkechi Blessing nkechi blessing - nkechi 300x300 - Nkechi Blessing Blast Those Calling her Prostitute

Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing has put troll on blast who have called her a prostitute.

Taking to social media space, Nkechi Blessing questioned why many people wouldn’t mind their businesses and why they feel it is important for them to know what a 32-year old woman she does with her body.

She added that it’s no longer a shame calling a woman a prostitute.

According to Nkechi Blessing’s post she said – ”Some low life frustrated idiots on the gram are always quick to open their gutter mouth and call a woman Bitch, prostitute, you Fk this, FK that!!!

And I am supposed to cry my eyes out? Or feel bad? When I do not remember telling you or anyone else I was a virgin that hasn’t had sex before? Ya, all must be moving mad…it’s high time all this frustrated internet troll get a better Line…

Pathetic set of losers!!! What a 32-year-old woman chooses to do with her body shouldn’t be your generational problem… Mind the business that pays you… PERIODTTTT!!!”


Nkechi Blessing

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