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Nigeria, Others Struggling To Sustain Democracy Inherited – DG DSS Laments



Nigeria, Others Struggling To Sustain Democracy Inherited – DG DSS Laments, #Nigeria #Struggling #Sustain #Democracy #Inherited #DSS #Laments Welcome to 50MIND S BLOG, This is the most recent breaking news and trending broadcast that we have for you today: :

Yusuf Bichi, Director-General of the Department of Public Services, said on Thursday that many African countries, including Nigeria, are finding it difficult to deepen the democracy inherited from the post-colonial era due to weak institutions and poor leadership.

Bichi said this in 2022. The Lecture on “Building a Democratic Culture in Africa: Pains and Gains” was held for the Intelligence Management Course (EIMC-15) at the National Institute for Security Studies (NISS) in Abuja.

Noting that African countries are struggling to build institutions that can withstand pressure and achieve democracy and development, Bichi notes important shifts in political systems in many African countries, adding that “some of them have enhanced regional security and development.”

The representative of the Director of Intelligence Training, Brown Nkwaba, Head of the DSS, said that the West African sub-region, and indeed Africa, is experiencing a dangerous storm due to political instability in parts of the continent.


He said: “Historically, there has been significant political system transformation in many African countries, some of which have improved regional security and development.

“The institutional transition from South Africa’s racist apartheid regime to a non-racial democracy should be noted here.”

Many civilian and military dictatorships have fallen since the establishment of systems of governance based on the rule of law, characterized by constitutionalism and including reforms such as the observation of pandemics in power.

However, many African countries are still struggling to deepen and institutionalize democratic principles and culture against, among other things, government impunity, violation of human rights, and abuse of executive power.

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It is gratifying to note that most African regional organizations have issued a call for democracy promotion, but the foundations and institutions of political culture necessary to sustain liberal democracy can best be described as weak in the post-colonial era.


Some governments across the African continent are increasingly moving away from the people they claim to represent in order to create political instability in the region, as seen in some Central African countries and some West African countries lately.

Beachy calls on leaders across the continent to stand up and tackle the democratic challenges facing Europe.

Prof. Aloysius-Michael Okolie, Vice Chancellor, Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT), says Nigeria must address the root cause of unrest to end the threat.

According to him, most African leaders are aware of solutions to problems in the region but do not seek to solve them out of self-interest.

I said if you want to address insecurity, you need to address the root cause first, unless you see people buying cars and houses designed for safety. Everywhere in the world, where there is a hierarchy, there are tendencies towards domination, and even with globalization and democracy, which have led to freedom of expression, there are limits to this freedom tendencies towards domination, and even with globalization and democracy, which have led to freedom of expression, there are limits to this freedom, “did he declare.


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