The newborn premature Triplets that was diagnosed with Covid-19 in Mexico are “stable” and “evolving favourably” according to the information gotten by CNN from health officials.

Newborn Premature Triplets Tested Positive For Coronavirus, Parents Negative


The Newborn Premature Triplets got diagnosed with Covid-19 on June 17 in the central Mexican state of San Luis Potosí.

The state’s health secretary Monica Rangel while speaking in a news conference said, “The Newborn Premature triplets we are monitoring are stable. They are evolving favorably. One of them continues using an antibiotic, but they are doing well. We hope this continues so they can be reunited with their parents soon.”

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Surprisingly, their parents got tested negative for Coronavirus. It is so shocking where the Newborn Premature Triplets got the virus from.

Rangel said, “What we need to look at is a situation where perhaps [the virus] is being transmitted through the placenta. That’s not something that we can be sure of. Those are theories that we have to look at. It’s a new virus. There still is not literature available internationally on this issue, but it will be worth reviewing.”

Health officials in Mexico said they are researching where the virus could have evolved from maybe from the mother’s breast.

Although one of the babies have gotten an infection but was “responding well to antibiotics,” they said.

Rangel said, “Now that we have the negative result of the PCR [polymerase chain reaction] tests done on both parents, the case it’s even more relevant, not only for the investigation our doctors in the state are doing but for the worldwide research on the behavior of the virus itself.”

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