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New Cartoon Made By Mustapha Bulama Sparks Different Reactions On Social Media



Daily Trust cartoonist, Mustapha Bulama, has made another interesting cartoon about the current happenings in the country. This cartoon is about how Nigerians discriminate against the Fulani people.


The cartoon shows that every tribe in Nigeria has a particular crime they are known for. It shows that the majority of internet fraudsters (Yahoo Boys) are Yoruba, many drug pushers who have been apprehended by security agencies were Igbos, Edo girls are known for prostitutes and Fulani herdsmen are known for banditry.

The cartoon also shows that the media don’t attach other criminals with their tribe as they do for Fulani herdsmen. When internet fraudsters are arrested, no one will say Yoruba Yahoo Boys or Igbo drug pushers. Nigerians have normalized says Fulani herdsmen when herders commit any crime.

What the cartoonist is trying to portray is that we should stop attributing herdsmen to the Fulani tribe alone, Nigerians should stop generalizing, not all herdsmen are Fulani, and not all Fulani are criminals.

In my opinion, Mustapha Bulama is right, if we can’t say Igbo drug pushers or Yoruba Yahoo Boys, why are we saying Fulani herdsmen? We must stop attributing herdsmen to the Fulani tribe.

The cartoon has generated massive reactions on social media. Some Nigerians agreed with the cartoonist while many disagreed with him.

What’s your opinion on this subject matter? Is it right to say Fulani herdsmen when we can’t say Igbo drug pushers? Drop your opinion in the comments section below. Like and share.



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