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Neo Tiam Ting Arrested: Why Was Bentley Driver Neo Tiam Ting Arrested? Reason, All Charges Details Explained!



Neo Tiam Ting Arrested: Why Was Bentley Driver Neo Tiam Ting Arrested? Reason, All Charges Details Explained: So currently a arrest news offer Bentley driver named Neo Tiam Ting is trending all over the Internet. People are talking about him over various social media platforms. Reportedly, the driver belongs to Singapore. He has come into the headlines because of her recent car crash. He is currently 61 years old and he was arrested after menacing moves to push back some school staff. The video footage was while where he can be seen pushing a security officer with his car at a red swastika school. Follow our website for more updates!!!!

Neo Tiam Ting Arrested  - Neo Tiam Ting Arrested Why Was Bentley Driver Neo Tiam - Neo Tiam Ting Arrested: Why Was Bentley Driver Neo Tiam Ting Arrested? Reason, All Charges Details Explained!NEW YORK, USA – 01 MAY, 2020: Police officers performing his duties on the streets of Manhattan.

Neo Tiam Ting Arrested

The police are saying that the incident happened at around 12:00 PM. Now the video is viral. Overweighted social networking sites. He was born in Singapore and he currently works at Think one automobile and trades privately with Limited. He can be seen behaving disgustingly with the security officer. The video was posted on Facebook. People are tagging him and criticizing him for his actions.


Why Was Bentley Driver Neo Tiam Ting Arrested? Reason

But suddenly his post came on Facebook clarifying himself. He has commented that he is not connected with any incident involving the yard driver of Bentley outside the school. He has also mentioned that baseless allegations are being imposed on him through social media. He also commented that he has registered a police complaint against such a post. No. People are getting confused after his post. There is no confirmation of his relationship status and where he lives. But it is a shred of solid evidence against him, the video footage.

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Who Is Neo Tiam Ting? Wikipedia Biography Age

He’s trying to talk it out of this case. He has been denying over and over on Facebook that it was not him, but people are still saying that he is present in that video driving the Bentley. The police investigation has been initiated in this matter and the cyber cell is currently searching for the facts. Until anything official comes up, we are keeping an eye on this case. If he is involved in such a disgusting activity, he must be punished. The laws of Singapore are seriously strict against such accidents. He can be punished for several years of prison. If he is found guilty, then he has to be ready for the bad consequences.

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