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Navarro College Cheer Scandal Explained: ‘Cheer’ Season 2 Netflix: Navarro scandal details



Navarro College Cheer Scandal Explained: ‘Cheer’ Season 2 Netflix: Navarro scandal details: The most awaited 2nd season of the popular streaming giant Netflix “Cheer” is constantly in the talk of the watchers. When the first season of docuseries was released in the month of January 2020, it was commercial and critically successful. The show was about a group of cheerleaders at Navarro Junior College in Corsicana which is in Texas, and their coach, Monica Aldama, put the amazing hard work and athleticism of cheerleaders on the entire display Follow More Update On

Navarro College Cheer Scandal Explained  - Navarro College Cheer Scandal Explained Cheer Season 2 Netflix Navarro - Navarro College Cheer Scandal Explained: ‘Cheer’ Season 2 Netflix: Navarro scandal details

Navarro College Cheer Scandal Explained

But while the show challenged the perceptions of the people of how much effort goes into cheerleading, it also swerved into hazardous myths of toxic positivity, with its emphasis on young people sacrificing their bodies for the sake of the team and most clashing of all was October 2020 apprehend of fan-favorite Jerry Harris for accused sexual assault.


Given this context, it is surprising that the series creator and executive producer, Greg Whiteley, opted to do a 2nd season of the show. Whiteley states this past December when it was declared that the series would be returning that “I am a huge believer in the power of stories and informing them honestly. I believe the story is going to eventually be the best version of itself when you are honoring what is true, and you are not running from it. The 2nd season, out today, is evenly split between the Navarro College cheerleaders and their competitors, the underdogs at Trinity Valley College who lives about 45 minutes down the road in Athens, Texas, and are coached by Javontae Johnson.

Navarro College Cheer Scandal Details

Whereas the dramatic stakes are compelling and we watch them come back of familiar faces including the self-assured La’Darius Marshall; the tumbler Lexi Brumback, who comes up to be enjoying the several income chances of fame; and the all-star Gabi Butler there is a sense of agitation that permeates the season because of real-life criminal charges against Harris, who comes up throughout the first half of the season.


Harris (22-years-old) was charged with one count of producing child sexual abuse photos and for reportedly soliciting nudes from minors in the month of October 2020; he was hit with the following charges just months later. (Harris rejected the allegations in a statement to ABC News in the month of September 2020, but when questioned by authorities he reportedly admitted to sexually assaulting a 15-year-old in the year 2019. He has been held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago since he apprehend in the month of September 2020 and no trial date has been set.”

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Cheer is the most appreciated and highly cherished series, the first season of ot has been released in 2020. After which it used to be get appreciated by the audience. Many of the viewers of this series are still so happy to receive news that the second season of the series is going to be premiered soon. The series is all about the elite cheerleaders at a Texa community college. Within the weeks, the coach Monica Aldama and her other gritty athletes turned the celebrities overnight.

‘Cheer’ Season 2 Netflix: Navarro scandal Explained

The first season of the series is consists of a story that explained the life of the cheerleaders, which shows they used to be face problems and several issues in their life. In the first season, you guys were witnessed several aspects of life including, adversity, poverty, and sexual abuse too. So it was just sparked a light on the harsh reality of sports, and I had been showing a sideline space table. But the hardship shown in season 1 isn’t comparable to season 2.  So in the ninth episode of season 2, we have seen the most difficult time of the pandemic. So you guys must have seen the harsh reality in episode ninth.


The spotlight has been also created tension, and it happened when Aldama agrees to attend a “Dancing With the Stars” and also appoints a coach of replacement, the improbably named Kailee Peppers, while a helpless time. There are some of the most complicated issues that were seen in the seen one of the series but it was not like which as been tackle in the season two.” So in season 2, we are going to be seen a community which has been “The Navarro College”.

Other than this the character, Jerry Harris is in jail, he was in the charge of child pornography. He was involved in the production of the film child pornography. He was under the changes and everything was against him so he is counting his days in the prison. Twin brothers have also accused him that trying to get sexual with them. And he also asked them to send the nud*s of their to him. One of the brothers also claimed about him that he asked him to have intimacy at the set once but he refuses to him for this. Stay tuned to get more updates on the same.



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