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Narsinghanand Arrested: Why was Narsinghanand Arrested? Reason, All Charges Details Explained!



Narsinghanand Arrested: Why was Narsinghanand Arrested? Reason, All Charges Details Explained: According to the most recent reports, Hindutva standard-bearer “Yati Narsinghanand” was seized by Uttrakhand authorities on Thursday, 13th Jan 2022 inside the “Haridwar Dharam Sansad” incident. Later in the day, Uttrakhand police have arrested “Jitendra Narayan Singh Tyagi”  in connection with much the same day. Rumors about the famous hair and face capture are presently doing their way around the internet. However, there’s been no formal verification from the police as yet. Several photos have appeared on Facebook showing officers hauling him in jail. Follow our website for more updates!!!

Narsinghanand Arrested  - Narsinghanand Arrested Why was Narsinghanand Arrested Reason All Charges Details - Narsinghanand Arrested: Why was Narsinghanand Arrested? Reason, All Charges Details Explained!

Narsinghanand Arrested

A complaint has already been filed on “Wasim Rizvi” alias “Jitendra Narayan Tyagi” and others at Kotwali, Uttarakhand, citing Article 153A of the Indian Penal Code, and the court cases are ongoing.” In a statement, Haridwar police claimed, “Parts of the film that is getting popular on social networking sites for propagating hate through providing inflammatory and hostile comments against a certain faith.” On Dec 23, 2021, the authorities of Uttrakhand filed a charge on “Jitendrara Singh Tyagi” etc for their “hateful speech” during the Uttarakhand festival.

Why was Narsinghanand Arrested? Reason


Another Hindutva politician in Patna, Dharmadas Maharaja, has publicly stated his wish to murder Indian Prime Minister of India  Manmohan Singh for supporting minority, particularly Islam..” Maa Annapurna”, Secretary of the Hindu Mahasabha, had mentioned at least 100’soldiers’ to put aside scripture and textbooks as well as started picking up arms in order to ensure the death of at least 18 lakh plus Muslim. In his hateful speech, the malevolent Yati claimed that no battle had ever succeeded without the use of weaponry.

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Who Is Narsinghanand? Wikipedia Biography Age

He reportedly threatened residents, businesses, & motels in Uttarakhand to not celebrate The holidays or suffer the consequences. ” Anand Swaroop Maharaj”, head of the Majority of respondents agreed group “Shankaracharya Parishad” threatened an uprising in 1857 if the state would not respond to his demand for a “Hindu Rashtra”. In all three circumstances, I am now with them. In a videotape of Tyagi’s detention, “Narsinghanand” can be seen threatening the officers and questioning how Tyagi was caught (All of you will die). In response, Narsinghanand responds, “So I’m not.” He converted to Hinduism with our help.” “Did he accomplish it by himself?” “Tyagi is comprehending the issue,” the police added.

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