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Murdaugh Family Murders from Housekeeper’s Death to Dad Alex’s Faked Assassination



The recent murder mystery of one of the reputed families of South Carolina Murdaugh family gathered enormous attention from the entire South Carolina. The family first came to the attention when the son of the family Paul Murdaugh involved in a boating accident that claimed a 19 years old boy named Mallory. Later, the name of the family was retained in the headlines with several dreadful incidents as a few months ago Paul along with his mother named Maggie Murdaugh was both shot and killed and informed by the head of the family named Alex Murdaugh. Get more information on the Murdaugh family murder.


Murdaugh Family Murders from housekeeper  - Murdaugh Family Murders from Housekeepers Death to Dad Alexs Faked - Murdaugh Family Murders from Housekeeper’s Death to Dad Alex’s Faked Assassination

Later a number of horrifying incidents come to the attention of the people also including the theft of insurance executed by the patriarch of the family Alex Murdaugh. The money that is originally intended for the family of the family’s housekeeper named Gloria Satterfield, who said to be died in Murdaugh’s property after falling from a height. At the time, there were numerous question raised on another roadside death of Stephen Smith took place in strange circumstances in 2015. The case had been even re-opened by the authorities and contain information regarding Paul and her mother’s assassination.

According to the reports, the patriarch of the family Alex also alleged for hiring a hit man to kill his reaming son “Buster” to confiscate his insurance money. Well, there are numerous unanswered questions that have to be disclosed so far. More than Murdaugh in 2020 and still the mysteries of several murder cases revolves around the family.

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The police authority is still chasing the culprits of Paul and Maggie’s murder. We will get back to you with further information as soon as it get confirmed by any of the trustworthy source of media. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.


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