Is this not funny?

A facebook user whose identity I won’t like to reveal share this on a page when the issue of Hushpuppi is raised for discussion. Many people share how Nigerian parents back their children in the internet fraud popularly known as yahoo-yahoo. Some people even bought laptops for their children to start the dirty business according to one of the commenters.

This reaction below caught my interest the most.

The man wrote;

“My young friend’s Mom had to withdraw him from Esa Oke Polytechnic, Osun to my surprise in 2015. I asked her why and she told me that she visited a prophetess and the prophetess told her it was her son’s destiny to do yahoo and that God would bless the boy through yahoo but the boy should learn any trade so he could hide under the guise of that trade when the authorities show up. Crazy world!!!”

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