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Mother And Son Died in Malawi Petrol Bomb



A mother and her son have died in Malawi Petrol bomb in a fire. it occurred after a petrol bomb was thrown at an office of the opposition UTM party in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe.

Mother and Son died in Malawi petrol bomb Mother And Son Died in Malawi Petrol Bomb - images 12 2 300x225 - Mother And Son Died in Malawi Petrol Bomb

The family which involved the mother and son who died in Malawi Petrol bomb,lived in the same building with the UTM office, were attacked while they were asleep.

The Woman tried to save her four children but only 3 survived and they are being treated currently in the hospital.

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UTM is the party of Vice-President Saulos Chilima, who has fallen out with President Peter Mutharika.

He is standing as a running mate to Lazarus Chakwera, the leader of the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP), in elections scheduled for July.

The head of the European Union delegation in Malawi, along with other foreign diplomats, have issued a joint statement condemning the political violence.

“We have been shocked by the recent acts of violence apparently fuelled by political motives, and are deeply saddened,” it said.

“We support those calling for restraint and hope that all cases of violence are investigated comprehensively and transparently in line with the laws of Malawi, so that those responsible can be brought to justice,” the statement said.


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