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Model Brooklinn Khoury Recalls Dog Attack



Brooklinn Khoury Dog Attack: Model Brooklinn Khoury Recalls Dog Attack: Can you imagine yourself losing one portion of the lips? No right, but one such model and pro skateboarder go through with this pain and shares her journey of healing after losing her lip in the dog attack. In the early month of November 2020, pro skateboarder and model Brooklinn Koury’s cousin in Gilbert, Arizona, invited her to visit for a tranquil trip filled with girl time and hanging by the pool. So on 3rd November of last year, the cousins got their nails done and ran some tasks. They were in the car driving home when Khoury snapped a selfie. Follow More Update On

Brooklinn Khoury Dog Attack  - Model Brooklinn Khoury Recalls Dog Attack - Model Brooklinn Khoury Recalls Dog Attack

Brooklinn Khoury Dog Attack

Embarrassed and uncomfortable with a small zit close to her mouth, she cropped her lip out of the picture. Back at the home of her cousin, Khoury was standing in the kitchen when she go out to pet the dog of her cousin, an 8-year-old blue nose pitbull named Diesel, who she had met several times prior to.


“I was like, You are such a good boy” He literally jump from a sitting position onto my face,” she remembers to PEOPLE in the latest issue. “I was standing, and the dog was sitting-he literally just jump up and was literally, hanging-literally like legs, arms hanging off of my lip and my first reaction was like “Oh my God, get on the ground with him, grasp his head, go wherever he goes.”

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Whenever the dog pulled, she moved along with him. She recalls, “Finally, I felt a release, and then something drift and hit the wall.” She get up, took a deep and long breath prior to realizing she tasted blood: “I looked down and my entire shirt was just blood-like blood, blood, blood, everywhere.” Then she watched a pink lump on the ground and realized her lip due to the presence of she had just cropped from her picture- she wrapped the lip in a napkin and endured with her cousin to the emergency room.


In the spite of their fast response, the surgeons, sadly, were not able to save the upper lip of Khoury. Later that week, she posted a selfie from her hospital bed, writing, “embrace somebody you love”. She decided to document every part of the journey of her healing as, even in her skateboarding posts, she always viewed good and bad including falls. She says “Life is not perfect. Instagram is a place where individuals can hide who they really are.” But she denies doing that and thinks that in life, like in skateboarding, you get the lessons from your mistake.