Meet The ‘Elephant man’ with a rare tumor that has melted down his face

His name is Huang Chuncai, and he’s 39 years old.


He is a sufferer of a rare disease called neurofibromatosis, that causes unleavened tumours to grow along nerve endings.


The rare disease has earned him the name ‘The elephant man’ and he has since been an object of health studies and researches.


He has also turned down several offers to appear on freaking live shows/programs.


The heavy tumor weighs 15kg, and has covered a better part of his face, making him unrecognizable.


The heavy growth began when he was four, and hasn’t seized growing since then.


In an attempt to get rid of the embarrassing growth on his face, he had his first surgery in 2007, and his since had several others with the help of donations from well meaning individuals.


He stopped going to school since age 4 when it seemed like the ridicule and the embarrassment from his mates was not going to come to an end.




He lives with his parents who have grown so accustomed to the rare growth and barely steps out for the fear of being taunted.




Despite his unusual nickname (elephant man) Huang Chuncai seems to be free from the symptoms that the former elephant man ( Joseph Merrick) manifested.


Though his symptoms are different, they are still dilapidating.


The bitter truth is that irrespective of all surgical operations performed on him, the tumor growth doesn’t seem to reduce.

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Indeed, we really have a lot to appreciate God for.


If not for anything, for a good and sound health.


Imagine what this poor man will be going through





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