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Meet Female Graduate Who Sells Food Using Wheelbarrow



Meet The Beautiful Female Graduate Who Sells Food Using A Wheelbarrow

Meet Nigerian graduate, Jossy Otu who sells food using a wheelbarrow and claims she makes more than most other graduates.

Jossy who is a graduate and married to a lawyer shares how she ventured into selling food in a wheelbarrow, her profit and how she was able to overcome the shame.

She wrote;

Hello,  this is me I sell food on a wheelbarrow, yes I went to school, a mother, married to a lawyer, but some will say y r u doing this. Some even said you are too beautiful to be selling food in a wheelbarrow.

I laughed, see when God want to bless you he takes you out of yourself comfort zone. Am not ashamed of my hustle, I got praises likewise criticised for my hustle.

The first time I took my wheelbarrow I almost went back, I was ashamed at first. What will my friends and family say chai, but then I encouraged myself if.

I go broke now some of my friends and family will desert me, so to hell with what people will say. That day I sold all my food by 1 pm and mad a profit of 3k my capital being 5k. Chai I wan craze, that devil is liar.

To cut the long story short, under 2 months I made 150k as profit. So dear friends, I have seen a lady that fried akara to build a house, and send her children to the university, that small business that u think you can’t do u r too big for it may be yourself stepping stone to greatness, don’t die of hunger o encouraged yourself, God bless you all and give you ideas to make wealth.

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As Govt don’t want to give me work, I decided to create one for myself. Never be ashamed of your hustle, no one will feed you if you are broke. Be dirty to get your food instead of clean and hungry. Refuse to be a begger, wealth is a choice, poverty is a choice. #proudofmyhustle. #imakemoremoneythanasalaryerner

6am am up and doing, ready for the day, someone asked how do I keep up. First of all you must have passion, zeal, and perseverance for what you do, without these you will loose interest. I remember one day I was heavily beaten by the rain, under the rain though wet, but I still pushed my wheelbarrow to sell my food. Never letting the rain to kill my vibe. Some said where is your lawyer husband let him open shop for you.

See this one, my dear everybody dey hustle o for this regime. So if I want to buy sweet, oga lawyer, biscuits Mr lawyer, pad and small petite things I go wait for barrister lawyer. No I too want to be independent, to support him too, we need to support our men. Ladies we can’t let them do all the work. started up something no matter how small with a genuine heart and love, you will succeed. Think positive, Abeg make I go sell my delicious food.

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  1. Arcfunmi

    April 15, 2020 at 8:56 AM

    Hmmm. This country sha?

    • Anonymous

      April 15, 2020 at 10:58 AM

      Just imagine how the next generation will look like

  2. Msendoo

    April 15, 2020 at 9:12 AM

    I’m not trying to be negative but i can’t graduate and end up like this,with all the knowledge she acquired is this the best she can offer,I’m actually disappointed in her .

    • Anonymous

      April 15, 2020 at 10:56 AM

      That’s you opinion but I nothing wrong in her decision

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