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Meet  Alev Aydin, The Father of Hasley Baby



Meet Alev Aydin, The Father of Hasley Baby

Meet  Alev Aydin, The Father of Hasley Baby alev aydin - 5ddb328079d7570c902f6ba2 300x225 - Meet  Alev Aydin, The Father of Hasley Baby

Hasley has surprised many of her fans when she announced on her Instagram page that she s expecting her first baby. The 26-years-old pop star showed off her baby bump in the Instagram post where she tagged her supposed boyfriend and father of her child Alev Aydin.

“Surprise!,” Halsey captioned her pregnancy announcement post, with Aydin writing in the comments section, “Heart so full, I love you, sweetness.”

According to reports Halsey and Alev Aydin have been dating for several months now but they have known each other for years. In October 2020, both of them were photographed together in Los Angeles buying art supplies.

Meet  Alev Aydin, The Father of Hasley Baby alev aydin - halsey pregnant father 300x200 - Meet  Alev Aydin, The Father of Hasley Baby

Who is Alev Aydin:

Alev Aydin is a 37-year-old Turkish who has captured the singer’s heart and is the father of her child; this was revealed by a Turkish news outlet Haberler which wrote that Aydin is a native of the country.

Aydin Is an Actor, Screenwriter, Producer, and Director. In 2017 he created a TV series Small Shots, the series is about two actors trying to break into Hollywood. He also wrote and directed another film in 2017 film HipMen: Los Angeles, which is about a mysterious young woman who messes with a group of hitman trying to kill a big-shot music producer, according to his IMDb page.

Aydin was the lead star, writer, producer, and executive producer of his first feature film, Lonely Boy, which came out in 2013. His First Feature Film Lonely Boy Won Prizes at Two Film Festivals. His Actors Access bio states Lonely Boy won the best feature film Grand Jury Prize at the 2013 Palm Beach International Film Festival and nabbed the best first feature Grand Jury Prize at the 2013 Louisiana International Film Festival.

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Both Hasley and Alev Aydin share a matching Tattoo, this was revealed by Tattoo artist Amanda Owley. In June 2020 the two were photographed masked up got tatted with some matching ink featuring the word “seeds” on their feet. Even sweeter? Owley notes in her caption that the pair’s tats were done “in each other’s handwriting.”


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