Medical 5ominds

Medical doctor, who is an Igbo man from Nigeria got into trouble in the United Kingdom, after taking a female patient’s number from patient’s register and contacting her, so that they can both enter into relationship.

The doctor who wanted to marry the white lady started disturbing her with calls and text messages, of which the white lady do decline and warned him to desist,but he didn’t listen to her.

He graduated from calling and texting her to sending her flowers and gift so that she could be enticed, of which the lady still declined his advances.

After several rejections from the lady, the Nigerian doctor told her that he was going to become a surgeon soon and that, he is the only best guy she can get around her, as he will spend a lot of money on her.

Then the white lady got fed up of his advances and decided to report him to General Medical Council of which the matter was investigated into and his name was struck out of British Medical Register.

He ended up loosing his job to his ego, thinking he could use is money and profession to entice the white lady like Nigerian girls do fall for.

Read full story here.


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