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Man sleeps with his daughter, video records it



Man sleeps with his daughter

In every society, is a taboo to the family and the society at large.

man sleeps with daughter - Screenshot 20200321 173105 170x300 - Man sleeps with his daughter, video records it

In every society, there always rules and traditions guiding them. When one goes above the rules, such person might be punished.

Also, if one should go against tradition of a society, it’s been regarded as a taboo.


This is a video of an Igbo man, having sex with his daughter and still video recording the process.

The man’s daughter can be seen telling him to stop, but he didn’t, listen to her, as he continues with his video recording.

Watch video://

This man slept with his daughter and video recorded it, without thinking of what the society can do to him.


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