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Mamman Daura’s tribute to Kyari



Mamman Daura must be a bold man.
In his eulogy he said Abba Kyari was more intelligent than all the ministers and advisers.
That statement is bold.
He doesn’t attend executive council meetings.
The statement tells a little bit about himself.
He must be bold and pompous.
But he is also contemptuous of the ministers and advisers.
Just wondering if this is why Aisha feels how she feels.mamman daura's tribute to kyari.... - FB IMG 15878223483447045 300x199 - Mamman Daura’s tribute to Kyari
Is it possible he formed the impression from what the deceased told him?
That statement could be a glimpse into the mind of the other man.
Or could it be he heard from their boss?
I know eulogies are often effusive.
But that was a little off the hook.mamman daura's tribute to kyari.... - FB IMG 15878223861896963 300x296 - Mamman Daura’s tribute to Kyari

Maybe the statement was a bit distasteful or slightly contemptuous, but I think it’s a statement of fact anyway.
Kyari graduated with a first class from Warwick (one of UK’s top universities), and then went ahead to study law at Cambridge.
Apart from people from stupendously wealthy families, or folks like FFK whose father and grandfather were alumni, Cambridge only accepts the very best of brainiacs.
There is obviously nobody in buhari’s cabinet who can boast of such glowing academic credentials. He was indeed the best amongst them, as buhari rightly put it.
Having said this however, I totally agree that Daura is one overbearing and overreaching oldman who in fact exerts the most influence on buhari. Whether this influence is mostly positive or overly negative is ultimately left for God to judge.

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