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Madagascar’s COVID – 19 Herbal Treatment, Why WHO Wouldn’t Approve It



Life has returned to normalcy in Madagascar. No lockdown! No forced holidays!

People are going about their business. Reports said on March 23rd that they had just 9 confirmed coronavirus cases, and in one month precisely on April 25, they had 122 cases.

When coronavirus was first detected in the country, WHO predictated that they were at the verge of unmitigated disaster.
In general, as at the last check, Magadascar had no coronavirus cases and 100% recoveries , with NO SINGLE DEATH–ZERO DEATH.
WHY? HOW DID IT HAPPEN? The young President looked inwards.

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I have been condemning “copy and paste”, style of leadership in Africa. A few who decide to look inwards have had better results.
Madagascar’s President Andry Rajoelina believes that Madagascar could possess a remedy to coronavirus, and manufactured a local herb, which the country is using to treat patients.

WHO got mad!!! World Health Organization condemned his medicine because it was made in Africa, not in US, Europe, Asia or Australia.
WHO didn’t try to investigate the 100% success story of the concoction and see if it could be adopted or modified. They condemned it, against its 100% EXCELLENT RESULTS…. Please who does that kind of thing? This is why many will continue to question WHO’s integrity in this whole horrible pandemic.

The Magadascar medicine is called “Covid Organic” or “CVO”. The President has made it compulsory for the citizens. He drank it on National television, live. Most vulnerable citizens and school children are given the medicine free of charge.

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World Health Organization should know that facts and results don’t lie. And there is nothing they can do against it.

Oh, how we need the young President of Magadascar with brain, to lead real African revolution against the slavery of China and the rest of neocolonial Masters


What is your take on this?

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