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Louie Castro And Fernando Break-Up Reason Explained



Louie Castro And Fernando Break-Up Reason Explained: A piece of news is coming into the headlines about the Youtuber Louie Castro and his boyfriend Fernando Flores. Recently, Youtube makeup guru Castro has officially announced his breakup with Fernando Flores on his Youtube channel. Since the news went viral, the admirers of the couple keep messaging them on social media sites. This announcement has come out as a big shock to their fans. In the video, Louie Castro revealed the whole story behind their breakup. He was looking upset and he also shared how was he feeling right now. He called his relationship “one of the beautiful relationships”. In this article, we are going to provide you with some essential details about the Youtuber and the reason behind his breakup. Follow More Update On

Louie Castro And Fernando Break-Up Reason Explained  - Louie Castro And Fernando Break Up Reason Explained - Louie Castro And Fernando Break-Up Reason Explained

Louie Castro And Fernando Break Up Reason Explained

Youtuber Louie Castro has finally broken his silence over his relationship with Fernando Flores. In his recent video on Youtube, he revealed that he has officially broken up with his boyfriend Fernando Flores with whom he had been in a relationship for more than 2 years. He took his Youtube channel “Louie’s Life” where he discussed his breakup details with his fans. Castro revealed that he and his boyfriend are not together for the last month.


Louie Castro And Fernando Break Up Explained

In addition to their factious relationship, a video of Flores went viral on social media claiming that Tik Toker Flores has been cheating on his boyfriend as he can be seen kissing an unknown man in a club. In the recent 11 minutes long video, Castro mentioned cheating allegations on his boyfriend and announced the breakup. He didn’t take time to come to the matter. He stated, “Long story short, Fernando and I are not together. We have not been together for about a month now.” He added that their relationship didn’t end on bad terms.

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He said that there was no specific reason behind their breakup. They had a good time with each other. He said, “We just ended because I felt that I wasn’t like feeling it anymore. There were no more ups, there were downs.” In the video, he said that they often had arguments on small things always. Youtuber Sebastian Soto revealed once that Flores admitted to kissing another man but it happened after his breakup with Castro. He assured the fans that the couple had broken up already before the kissing news. Castro said that he had been in a good and healthy relationship. Stay tuned with us for more updates.


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