Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Kuwait Records 814 New Coronavirus Cases, 7 New Deaths

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Kuwait ministry of health confirmed that the country had reported 814 new covid-19 Cases, 7 New Deaths, and 807 recoveries in the past 24 hrs making the total number of cases to 123,906 total deaths to 763 while complete recovery to 114,923.

Kuwait reports 532 New Covid-19 cases, 4 New Deaths kuwait - 1200px Emblem of Kuwait - Kuwait Records 814 New Coronavirus Cases, 7 New Deaths kuwait - 1200px Emblem of Kuwait - Kuwait Records 814 New Coronavirus Cases, 7 New Deaths

Kuwait’s ministry of health spokesperson also said 8,220 people have been admitted to the hospital for treatment, out of which 107 people are in intensive care units.

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